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Python Notebooks are now a gold standard of Machine Learning(ML)/Data Science/Artificial Intelligence Development tools. They are the excel of python programmer.

This article talks about steps, standards, procedure and processes python programmers may want to follow who intend to craft notebook for ML model preparation. This article is intended for beginners and new learners who have kick started Machine Learning journey. We will just talk about the theory so that you can easily start structuring your notebooks with confidence. Please use this link to download sample template notebook.

Your Options to author Notebook

This will be the first question you will have — Where you…

Here is a very simple File and Folder Parsers, frequently required for scanning files for different types of content like specific string, number or character patterns. Actual code is hosted as Git public Gists and is authored using Python 3.0 in Python Notebook and uses Regex library. It is lightweight and can be plugged in other components, programs and platforms very easily like Azure Devops pipelines etc.

Feel free to adopt and extend.

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Cloud opens up many opprtunities not just for businesses but also for individuals such as developers, architects, machine learning enthusiasts, data science engineers and data scientist.

This article discusses how one can use free Azure benefits with MSDN subscription. MSDN Subscriptions are available to developers and are made available as part of licensing by software development organisation. As a developer I have found MSDN Azure Benefits is the best benefit provided by #Microsoft. You dont have to pay any money in any way. I have used this benefit(and bragged as well) mostly to provision VM’s and run my Machine Development…

You can use this as a quick guide on Azure Services available for persisting, maintaining and managing data on the cloud and these are very flexible.

This mind map gives a quick visual representation of the Azure Services available for compute and can help you make a quick decision on which service to choose for a particiular usecase.

Drawn using:

Quick criteria for choosing Azure Compute Services

Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Use them for quick lift and shift of the On-Prem workloads.

Web App/App Service

Move your common web apps running on close to latest app standards and frameworks, which will not need re-engineering or uplift before hosting.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Managed Kunernetes service for highly flexible, always on , can do lot of heavy lifting workloads like high demand API’s, Machine Learning and AI Models, offers lot of options where other services may not…

My own Python #CotswoldWildLifeSafari

Why does that happen?

I have following code in my Notebook/python file.

However when I executed this code on a brand new VM with just baseline Anaconda I got following errors:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- LookupError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-2-03af1289e1af> in <module> 1 # reading the Treebank tagged sentences ----> 2 nltk_data = list(nltk.corpus.treebank.tagged_sents(tagset='universal')) ~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\nltk\corpus\reader\ in __len__(self) 387 if len(self._offsets) <= len(self._pieces): 388 # Iterate to the end of the corpus. --> 389 for tok in self.iterate_from(self._offsets[-1]): 390 pass 391 ~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\nltk\corpus\reader\ in iterate_from(self, start_tok) 410 411 # Get everything we can from this piece. --> 412 for tok in piece.iterate_from(max(0…

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This is a and will be a common question faced by organisations, arhitects and designers wishing to choose their candidate cloud platform from number of cloud providers and this is obviously confusing topic for the first timers, new cloud architects due to almost similar capabilities, services and offerings(as per marketing material), This small post lists common down common factor which can help you choose a public cloud platform provider.

Data Residency requirements

Ideally this should be your first criteria as regulations and legislation may require you or your organisation to keep data within your country’s border. In such cases you should choose a…

This article lets you understand Azure Regions, Availability Zone and Data Centre hierarchy as a diagram. Xml based representation will be made available via GitHub at this(TBC) link.

Drawn using

Number of tools are available in the market but this tool stands out for the options it makes available for top three public cloud platforms viz. Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform(GCP). In this article, I will be discussing how architects and designers can start using available here. Please note that I do not have any commercial assocition with the company offering this tool. This is article is merely my user experiance with this tool for my last 4–5 project designs in the span of last 6–7 months. …

This article will demonstrate how organisations can transition their on-prem hosted web apps to a cloud native workloads and take advantages of enormous elasticity, scalability and availability features. This article will also highlight challenges, introduction of complexity due to migrating to the cloud and how Devops tools can be used to solve complexiting within additional components, services, configuration and process can be streamlined to leverage maximum values from the cloud.

For the purpose of this article we will assume that we have an ASP.Net application to be moved.

Typical business application has a frontend and a backend aspects where frontend…

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